7 must know homemade acne treatments to treat your acne

If you are searching for some commercial best product for acne give a try to the below listed do it yourself homemade acne treatment to control the acne at the initial stages. Also read more about Foundation for dry skin.

homemade acne treatment

benzoyl peroxide

It helps to kill the harmful bacteria which contribute to the acne. This substance comes in several different concentrations. Using this with just 2.5% concentration has proven to be effective as 5 to 10% of all the acne solutions available in the market today. This less concentration will provide less irritation to the skin. It also assists to peel of the dead skin layers, results in a more rejuvenated and brighter skin in the place of dead cells layer.

Salicylic acid

Just as benzoyl peroxide it fights off the bacteria which cause the pimple. It promotes the new skin growth by shedding off the infected and dead cells more rapidly. Wash you face and apply small quantity of Salicylic acid on the infected areas before you go to bed. You can follow the above 2 homemade acne treatment alternatively to get better results.

Vitamins for acne

If you provide your body the needed vitamins through your every day food diet or through supplements it automatically creates the power to fight off the acne causing bacteria. If you are searching for ways to get a healthy skin then you need to consume the enough quantity of vitamin A. Taking the vitamin A during your pregnancy will be dangerous. Try to intake the vitamins for acne through natural food sources. Consider the supplements only when you can’t afford the natural sources due to availability or financial reasons.

Use toothpaste

It contains silica that is essentially one of the drying agents. You can find this silica in the beef jerky bags. When you apply the tooth paste in the affected area it will reduce the size of acne over the night.  But before taking up this method ensure your tooth paste is made out of natural ingredients. Most of the tooth pastes are produced with the sodium lauryl sulfate which cause irritation to your skin. So can be careful and read the label before you hands in with this homemade acne treatment.

Tea tree oil

It contains the antibacterial property and it has the ability to destroy microbes which all have piled up on your pores. Just apply few drops of tea tree oil on the acne. Just be cautious do not apply more than needed. This oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. So it can actually make your pimple go reduced in size. It act as a natural Best product for acne.


Mash up an aspirin tablet & pour few drops of water to make it as a paste. Now with the help of Q-Tip apply the aspirin paste on the acne area. Cover it entirely. Leave it until it gets dry. Since it has the anti-inflammatory property it helps you skin to fight against the inflammation, so it also reduces the size of the pimple. You make this Aspirin paste stay on your acne throughout the night.

Other best product for acne

Astringents for acne

You can buy the Astringents in stores or you can make it yourself at home. When you buy this in store you can find it in several different sizes and types. You need to find the one which have salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Always use the astringents which work gentle on your skin.

If you want to prepare astringents at your home you can use the lemon juice as an astringent.

Lemon juice

It has the ability to kill the bacteria which causes the acne. Just cut the lemon into 2 pieces. Apply directly on the infected area. It tightens your skin and provides a youthful look to your skin.

Above all homemade acne treatment will work well only during the initial stages, if your condition is severe then it is better to consult a dermatologist to prevent the further damages.

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