Hair transplant for women

Hairs are something that makes women beautiful but there are few women who take them for granted. Unfortunately not all the women can maintain their hair properly. There are certain scenarios where a woman will not be able to have adequate hair and this is where the hair replacement systems are used. You can get the best replacement systems at an affordable cost. There are many online websites through which you can search about it.

Hair transplant for women

hair transplant for women

The hair transplant for women is designed in order to increase the quantity or appearance of hair which is present already in women’s head. These are generally carried out with a surgical process that is familiarly termed as “grafting”. Even though the procedure of hair transplantation is similar for both men and women, transplants for women are entirely new than that of women. The common hair transplantation in women is none other than FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). The hairs are transplanted in random pattern so that it completely looks natural. Doing hair transplants has a lot of benefits. They will improve a woman’s appearance. A woman will feel confident in actively participating in fashion shows if they wish to. It helps in building self-esteem as it eliminates negative factors. It also helps in improving the personality of a woman.

When compared to men, the transplantation procedure for women is completely cheaper because a woman will not require many grafts like men. However, they can still be little expensive. Generally they cost between $4000 and $7000. There are certain doctors who will charge based on each graft whereas others might charge depending upon the complete procedure.

Hair transplant side effects

Though the hair transplant side effects are rare but in some scenarios there might be side effects as well. You can experience swellings on head, forehead and certain parts of scalp after the surgery. Do not get worried if your skin on the head feels painful or tender to touch during the 1st week because it is completely natural to occur after a hair transplantation surgery. You need to take a periodic check-up by your doctor so that he or she can monitor the progress and check if the scalp is healing properly or not. If you feel any kind of itchiness or excess bleeding or wounds getting worse, then better get it checked immediately from your doctor. There are people who might suffer from infections as well but such cases are generally low. Even though the side effects of a hair transplant surgery are low but severe injuries can even lead to death. You need to be aware of the local or general anesthesia given to you by your doctor. It is completely risky and hence you will have to see a well experienced dermatologist for the surgery.

Though these side effects are rare, even it if occurs, it can be cured over time. The patient can also feel sore and numb for 2 to 3 days but after a week, there wouldn’t be any swelling. The doctor might remove the 1st group of sutures or staples. Either the doctor will remove the staples or it might get dissolved within few days. The grafts will be completely situated and the patient will not experience any numbness at this specific stage. In the 1st or 2nd week, the patient will begin to note the appearance of hair and within the 1st month end, the transplant vanishes and finally at 5th month new hairs begin to appear. Within a year, you can see the results but a doctor can tell you if it is really necessary to go for the 2nd treatment.

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