How To Prepare A homemade face moisturizer

Before making the home made homemade face moisturizer you should understand why you should choose the natural face moisturizer over the commercial one. Reason is obvious right? When you use the commercial face moisturizer you can’t have a control over the chemical ingredients which are used in the product. But when it comes for your homemade face moisturizer with your own preparation you can carefully choose the things you are going to apply on your face. Here you can opt for natural ingredients as per your choice. Sometimes it is cost effective too. You can just prepare it with the available ingredients in your home. Get to know what does toner do.

Natural face moisturizer

Here I have given a Natural moisturizer for face which can be prepared with low cost yet it will act as a truly refreshing product. Believe it or not right at your home, you can get a result just as you are getting from spa-treatments. The following natural face moisturizer can be applied to any type of skin with little modification. Even if your skin is sensitive one you can use it without any fear.

Here what you are going to need.


  • ½ cup bees wax
  • Vitamin E capsules
  • 1 cup avocado oil or 1 cup liquid almond
  • Wooden spoons
  • A sterile glass or a plastic jar
  • Wire whisk
  • small pot
  • Fragrant oils like lavender oil


Take a small pot pour a ½ cup of bees wax and Poach in the medium heat. Depends on the availability you can either take the avocado oil or almond oil. Pour these into the pot which already have the beeswax. As the cooked mixture melts continue to stir it with the wooden spoon. Once everything gets melted, remove the pot from the heat & whisk off till the melted mixture gets cool. If you wish you can add the fragrant oil or any fragrances you like. It may be anything like lemon, rose, lavender or sandalwood. Stir everything until it gets mixed up fully. Now add the vitamin E capsule contents to the mixture. Stir it well again. Okay now you are ready with your homemade face moisturizer.

You can store this Natural moisturizer for face under any cool dark place. You can use the mixture when it cooled down completely. If you want to preserve it better you can keep the moisturizer in your refrigerator. You can’t use this moisturizer after a month. You should prepare it again.

You can make this moisturizer to suit all skin types by doing some little modification.

Modifications to suit all skin type

Problematic skin

If your skin type is problematic and is often prone to pigmentation, acne, dryness, redness, sunburns or any other kinds of infections for better results you can consider adding the aloe Vera gel to the prepared natural face moisturizer. Aloe Vera is well known for its amino acids, beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals. So it will shows up an extra ordinary healing effect on our skin.

Modification to the oily skin

When your skin is too oily often you should clean your skin along with the hot water especially you need to clean the skin before applying our homemade face moisturizer. To get rid of your skin’s oily effect you can add the grape seed oil to the natural face moisturizer.

The dry skin

These types of skin should be treated with more care. Purpose of applying the face moisturizer is adding and keeping the moisture with our skin. If you have a dry skin then you should add rose hip oil or olive oil with our natural moisturizer for face.

How to apply?

You can apply the moisturizer just after your shower or face wash. It will assist you in sealing the moisture. Apply the moisturizer and massage it on your face in the upward circular motion.

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  2. Merve, I too have been unable to find any without preservatives. I trust mountain rose herbs as a company, though, and I trust that they have the highest quality product possible and use as little preservative as possible. I choose to compromise here since I value the healing effects of aloe.

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