Skin care regimen for men

Skin care is essential not only for women but for men too.  If you don’t give proper attention to your skin until today, it’s time to start caring. Read on this article and know how to preserve your skin forever.

Start your own skin care Routine

To get started with your skin care routines always remember the slogan cleansing, exfoliating and Moisturizing. You know what is cleansing right? It is the action of cleaning the dead cells and dirt from your face. When you choose the cleanser go for the chemical free one. Always prefer for natural skin care products. Generally men’s skin is oilier than the women’s skin. And the sizes of pores are larger than the women’s. So obviously it is dirtier too.  Whenever you wash or cleanse your face do not forget your neck too. You need to cleanse your face and neck on a daily basis. After cleansing the next step is Exfoliate. You can do this 1 or 2 times per week.

Exfoliate your Skin

After cleanser Scrubs are one of the important Skin care products for men. It removes the dead cells from your skin and help your skin Rejuvenate the new skin by shedding the old ones. Your scrub should be very rough which will cause damage to your skin. If you want to use a homemade scrub you can just mix apple cider vinegar, sugar and honey equally and can use it as a natural scrub.

Skin Repair

When you cleanse the skin it opens the pores and cleans your skin. To close it back you need to use the toner or astringent. When picking the toner ensure your toner contains the glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids which removes the excess oils and improves your skin elasticity. It also greatly reduces the size of pore.

Moisturize the Skin

When you moisturize your skin it will get smother than ever. You can cast off the dead cells by shaving itself. So it is important to use new blade every time you shave. You may think why should I moisturize while I have an oily skin? When you use a perfect moisturizer it controls the oil production. Leaves only the essential oil on your face. So it prevents your skin from getting acne. For dry skin moisturizing is one of the essential skin care for men. Skin care products for men also include the lip palm. Try using the lip palm with the SPF level at least 15. It will help you to protect your lips from the dryness and other elements.

Protect your Skin

How will you protect your skin from the possible damages? Apart from cleansing, toning, Exfoliating and moisturizing you need to protect your akin using the sunscreen lotions. It is one of the best fights off agent against the premature aging, melanoma and damage. You should not skimp on sunscreen when you spend most of the times at outdoor.

Apart from these external factors you need to do a little modification to your lifestyle.  Increase the intake of water and reduce the intake of alcohol. Stay away from the cigarettes. Boost the vitamin C and Vitamin E intake and follow the above strict skin care for men routines.

When you purchase the skin care products always use natural skin care products.

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