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Top Summer Makeup Tips

  • Posted on July 5, 2014 at 2:40 pm

Summer is finally here! If you’re planning on spending your days down at the beach or if you’re going off on your holidays, you’ll need to have a few makeup tricks up your sleeve to avoid looking like an oil slick by the time you get back home. Follow our top summer makeup tips to learn everything you need to know about looking your very best whatever the weather.

  • You do have to make a few changes to your routine when the warm weather hits. One of the most important products in your makeup bag will be a primers. The type of primer that you choose is entirely up to you. The primer that I use, personally, is a matte primer as it helps to prevent oil. If you’re prone to oily skin or if you often have to blot your skin throughout the day, that’d be a good choice for you. Other choices include colour correcting primers, smoothing primers and anti-aging primers. Apply moisturizer first, let it sink in, then apply your primer. ¬†You can either keep your skin bare or apply concealer or a foundation over the top. If you do that, however, you’ll need to apply something to keep the makeup in place. Generally though, if you’re tanned, you won’t really need any concealer or anything as your skin tone should be nice and even
  • Blotting powder or blotting papers should be your very best friend when it’s hot and humid outside. Both have just one job – to “blot” or to soak up the oil on your face. If you’re looking for a blotting powder, go for something that’s translucent and that doesn’t have a color in it as otherwise your face could end up looking far paler than your body
  • Switch your blusher for a bronzer. Blush makes you look lovely and rosy in the winter – like you’ve just come in from the cold and are just warming up. Bronzer makes you look like you’ve been out in the sun all day and that it’s hit the right parts of your face, giving you a lovely golden glow. Brush it into the hollows of your cheekbones, under your chin and along your jawbone, blended into your hairline and also down your nose. If you want to go all out, dust it along your collarbones and on your decolletage too.
  • Fake tan is fantastic for making you look golden brown, but for ease, use a product that lasts for a week or so – that way you’ll only need to apply it once or twice a week. You’ll need to use a different product entirely for your face, as it’s far more sensitive to the rest of your body and using a regular fake tan on it could cause breakouts, spots and oily skin. Another alternative is to use a gradual tanner but these tend not to provide the depth of color that you’d like, so bite the bullet and exfoliate before apply fake tan with a tanning mitt. Maintain the tan by using moisturizer or body lotion once a day.
  • You can afford to be much more inventive with your color choices in the summer in the same way that you can be far more inventive with clothes. Generally, the best looking colors are deep jewel shades that’ll set off your tan – turquoise is gorgeous, as is aubergine. Deep shades of gold and bronze are fab, too. Be bold with your color choices on your feet and nails, pastel hues are lovely, especially if you mix and match them so that you have a pretty vintage look. Neons always work in the summer and bright white will make a surprising change. Postbox red is always a failsafe – it never looks bad, whatever the weather and whatever the time of year. Alternatively, a nude hue that matches your tan will always look super chic.
  • In terms of what you can do with your hair, think about what the sun naturally does to it: it tends to lighten it, and if you’re already blond, will make it blonder. If you’re brunette, usually, the sun will still lighten your locks a little bit. Typically, it’ll lighten the tips of your hair, the hair around your face and the hair on top of your head. Help it along a bit by using one of nature’s best bleaches: lemon juice. Just pop a little bit onto the spots that you’d like to lighten before you head out into the sun. Another alternative is a new lightening gel on the market, that you apply to any areas that you’d like to lighten and then either leave it do dry naturally, help it along with a hairdryer or by sitting out in the sun.
  • For perfect beachy locks, wash your hair before you go to bed, put through some mousse, then plait on either side of your head. In the morning, undo, run your fingers through the waves and add a little bit of salt spray. Another alternative is to simply wet hair in the morning, scrunch in a bit of salt spray and then let the sun do the rest of the work when you step outside. If having your hair down is a bit too much for you when it’s really hot, French plait the fringe from ear to ear and then secure the rest of your hair high at the top of your head in a bun. In the evenings, it’s lovely to let your hair just do it’s thing – it’ll be hot and humid so just work with what you’ve got. Use serums, shine sprays and mousses to tame your curls and don’t even bother with the straightening irons – your hair will be frizzy by the time you leave the house anyway!

Have happy holidays!