7 steps to obtain the best makeup for oily skin

Just because of the fact you have born with the oily skin, it doesn’t mean you can do any makeup to your skin just like others. Generally those who were born with the oily skin are blessed. You know how? Since your skin provides the natural shiny look it get s age very slowly. But as a flip side putting the best makeup for oily skin is not as easy as other skin types. The Secret is you too can have a best makeup but you should know what will work and what will not work to your skin type that’s it. This is what you are going to learn from this article. Following 8 ideas are originally from the great makeup artist. Make use of these tips and get rid of the oily complexion. Also get to know more about Best moisturizer for oily skin.

Makeup for oily skin

Always use the primer first

If you have an oily skin type making use of the makeup primer assists you to keep everything in place. It is the base of any best Makeup for oily skin.

Get any anti-shine primer and use it on the areas like nose, forehead and chin. These are the oiliest parts of our face. You need to put the primer after face wash but before applying the powder, foundation cream or some other kind of makeup items.

Prep your eyes.

If you want to cut the wrinkles which occur due to the eye makeup you need to avoid priming the eye lids with the general concealer. Instead you need to use the primer which is especially designed for your eye lids. This Makeup for oily skin actually creates a perfect neat canvas for your eye shadow & your eye liner. It greatly absorbs the dark circle producing oils al through the day.

Use matte translucent formula powder

When you apply more powder on your face your pores start to produce excess oils on your face. Purpose of using the powder is to just to take out the shiny appearance from our face. If you want to cut down the oil production due to your powder you can make use matte translucent powders which are available in the market. Always use the makeup sponge to apply the powder.

Use blotting sheets to take out oil

Just after finishing the makeup your skin will look flawless but soon it will get oiliness in the midday again you will start to spot the shine on your face.

In this case you can use the blotting sheet which simply takes out the oil from the skin. But do you feel your makeup will go in vein by suing the blotting sheet? We have trick to save your make up though. Just press the blotting sheets in the oily areas. Instead of rubbing the sheet on your face you can just roll it off.

 Go oil-free

Already your skin produces the excess oil and you are suffering from it. So when you buy the all natural makeup products always look for noncomedogenic and oil free beauty products. These products will not clog oil in pores.

When it comes for cleanser and toner you need to bill the one with the glycolic acids. It greatly controls your oil.

Prefer the “long wear”

Oil & water always do the same thing to our makeup. Both make the makeup smudge or smear. This is the reason why we need to look for the water resistant or long wear makeup products.

 Go for light moisturizer

If you believe in anti aging creams those are perfect for the night time use. But when you use the moisturizer always you need to strive for the light moisturizer which let your screen breathe freely without clogging the pores.

Before going on a sunny day apply the oil free sunscreen before you lay any foundation on your face.

Go green and consider all natural makeup to make your skin healthier for ever.

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