All about hair transplantation cost

  • Posted on March 30, 2013 at 7:22 am

Hair is something which makes a person look beautiful. It can be a man or a woman but hairs play a very vital role in their life. There are few people who suffer from baldness and less hair, at such times hair transplantation can really be helpful. People get perplexed and ask “do hair transplants work?” The answer to the question “do hair transplants work?” is absolutely yes! The hair transplant process helps an individual in making the hair appearance more. It is done by increasing the quantity of hair present on your head. Before you meet the expert or a clinic, it is better to look at their hair transplant reviews. The hair transplant reviews will help you to know if it is really worth doing the surgery in that specific clinic.

Cost of hair transplant

The cost of hair transplantation varies little from one place to the other but overall it is the same. Before deciding to do hair transplantation, you will have to do a complete research on it. You need to search for a skilled and experienced physician. Before deciding, you need to talk to various doctors. Get to know about the various clinics who are involved in doing this hair transplantation. Investigate about all the medical sectors and get the details of their price list for this surgery. Now make a comparison in order to know which is the best and offering the lowest most cost. But make sure that the clinic is trustworthy and reputed.

Not only the cost differs from one clinic to the other but also it depends entirely on the area of scalp which has to be covered. You need to know what sort of hair loss you’re experiencing. Certain clinics will charge you based on the grafts and some might charge you depending on the entire process which is carried about them. You need to know about all these things well in advance by investigating properly about a clinic. On an average, the cost of 1 hair-graft is either 4 or 5 dollars but there are certain clinics which will charge you about $10 and hence it completely depends. But it is not necessary that a clinic that charges high will do better. No! It depends on the quality as well the methods carried out and not the price. If a person literally has a small scalp to be covered, then it requires 1000 – 2000 grafts which might cost around $3000 to $10000. If the area to be covered is more, for example say 2000 – 3000 grafts then it might cost you around $5000 to $15000. When it comes to bald people, they require about 3000 – 4000 grafts which costs about $9000 to $20000.

Even though the hair transplant sounds really expensive, they actually aren’t. When you compare with the expenses of your shampoos, pills and conditioners spent for the entire life, the surgery is much cheaper. For example, there is a pill called “finasteride” which helps in blocking the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The DHT is basically a hormone which causes hair loss in humans. This pill blocks this hormone formation. If you are taking it, then it might cost you around $25 – $50 in a month. Talking about a year, it will cost around $300 – $600. By the time it reaches 15 years, it will cost $9000 which is almost equal to the cost operated on this specific surgery. Thus these are the things which you will have to know about the hair transplantation cost. Never decide on this out of haste. Analyze everything properly so that you can come across plenty of things.


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