How to make homemade face masks

How to make homemade face masks

Preparation of homemade facial mask is very simple and can be prepared with the cheap yet powerful ingredients. You can make your own facial mask as a nutritious and delicious one. As I said it delicious and you will find really hard to resist yourself from licking the recipes. When you prepare a facial mask always do keep in mind these are foods you are preparing to your skin.

How to make homemade face masks

Here I have compiled top 4 beauty tips to assist your homemade facial mask preparation. It will suit to all skin types (sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin and combination skin).


Okay here we are going to find out How to make homemade face masks in your own. Shall we go?

Exact procedure to apply the face mask

  • Before applying the facial mask your skin needs cleansing.  You can use normal rose water or plain water for your facial cleansing.
  • Apply your homemade facial mask (you are going prepare in few seconds)
  • Leave on your face; let it be there for up to 10 min.
  • Now rinse off your skin with the warm water
  • Rub your skin and make it dry using the cotton.
  • Now apply the moisturizer

Facial made easy right? Now enjoy with your glowing skin.

Make your own face mask for dry skin

You may have heard about Avocados and it wonderful benefits over your skin and hair. Do you know exactly how it helps your skin?  Avocados are rich in vitamin E, omega-9 and 6, chlorophyll and fatty acids. These medicinal properties assures your skin tissue and skin re growth. These Avocados are absorbed very easily by any type of skin especially the dry skin. This property makes it as an ideal option for the dry skin.


Method: Squeeze the ripe avocado. Now just take one teaspoon of honey, mix the ingredients well and apply on your face. Your dry skin facial mask is ready.

Make your own face mask for Combination Skin

Bananas have the highly-moisturizing agents that can provide any sensitive skin the look and feel of super-soft, flexible and pliable. Since bananas are non-oily these are really good for the combination skin types too.

Peaches have ability to remove the excess unwanted sebum from your skin. Without the need for striping the skin it can leave the follicles ease.

Honey is a very good ingredient for the skin which is prone to break outs, honey reduces the severity of redness from the pimples and it dries them up.

Almond is one other ingredient that can perform the magic on your skin. It removes the dead cells effectively and leaves your skin polished. Just 2 table spoon of almond paste can make it happen.

Method: Mash up 2 bananas, take 2 stoned & peeled peaches, 2 table spoon of honey , table spoon of almond paste mix them well and blend once again. Now add small quantity of rolled porridge oats and bind the mixture altogether. Your combination facial mask is ready to use now.

Make your own face mask for Oily Skin

Do you feel your skin is a kind of spot-prone? Don’t worry. Plum &yoghurt mask can help you to get a healthy glowing skin.  Plum is rich in Vitamin A & vitamins C, both of these vitamins are well known antioxidants. What it benefits to your skin is “it controls the radical activity as a result it strengthens the elasticity of your skin & improves the appearance. Vitamin A and C are widely used in all oil control & anti-acne skin care products.

When it comes for yoghurt it act as one of the best skin hydrator which is packed with the lactic acid. It cast off the dead skin and gives a boost to the cellular turnover.

Method: Poach 4 ultra fresh plums, mix it well & let it top get cool. Take 2 table spoons of yoghurt blend & Mash-up with the poached plum. Add 2 tbsp of sweet almond oil (it has the medicinal property which prevents the bacteria that spreads the acne on your skin), add the cornflower in enough quantity to thicken & bind the prepared mixture. Now apply on the face and let it dry. I forgot to tell a thing. It is bit messy. So keep it in mind.

Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

Making the home made facial mask to the sensitive skin can be done easily. Ingredients you need are just butter, oatmeal and yoghurt.

Method: take one tbsp of butter, small quantity of rolled porridge oats and plain yoghurt. Mix it well until the recipe gets smooth. Now apply the paste on your face for 10 min and rinse off.

Hope you have all find out an answer for how to make homemade face masks, move no further try it and share the post with your friends.

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