Natural hair products for men

  • Posted on March 30, 2013 at 7:06 am

Market out there for mens hair products is just growing up drastically. Thus picking up the best mens hair products has to be very wise. It is not that only women suffer from hair fall. Even men do suffer from hair loss and the reasons can be many. Instead of chemical products, make use of natural products because they do not have any side effects. The hair growth products for men in the market are many but before choosing one, you will have to read through all the ingredients present in it.

hair growth products for men

Genetics play very vital role in hair development. Apart from genetics, the other factors which hits your hair growth is none other than the hormones, hair products and food that you eat in your daily life. Hair growth products must contain very minute chemicals and more of natural ingredients. There are certain hair products for men that contain harsh chemicals so you need to avoid taking such products from the shop as it has a huge impact on your hair growth. Let us look about certain factors about hair products for men.

  • Companies: Just because a company advertises its products with a tag “natural”, it doesn’t really mean that it is a natural product. You will have to investigate about the company properly so that you can come to know if it is really using natural ingredients in its product.
  • Homemade products: Well, there are many natural products but nothing like the one which is freshly prepared at home from all sorts of natural ingredients. In fact this is the ideal way to care for your hair. You can adjust the quantities based on what your hair needs. It saves you a lot of money and there is 100% no side effects.
  • Vitamins: The food that you eat has a massive impact on your hair. There are separate vitamins for your hair growth. If you are someone who is hogging in a lot of junk food then stop it right now as it can cause serious hair fall later. To keep your hair healthy and prevent from loss, you will have to eat the right grubs. Consume fresh vegetables, fruits and wholesome grains. Avoid intake of too much of fat foods. Rather than consuming fried and oily stuffs, you will have to eat foods that are steamed, boiled and baked foods. The best vitamins for hair growth are Vitamin E and Vitamin B.
  • Herbal supplements: Herbs have always been practiced since ancient times and are in bang now. People are again moving to organic, natural and herbal products as they are completely beneficial and there are no side-effects as well as after-effects. Consuming certain herbs has impact on the hormones and thus hair growth is guaranteed. There are certain online websites which are associated in selling hair shampoos containing certain herbs. These herbs help the hair in growing both internally as well as externally. One of the most popular products with all herbal ingredients is none other than “Bio Fen”. It helps in blocking the hormone known as DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is the main cause for hair loss in both men and women.
  • Bristle Brush: The comb you use for brushing your hair literally plays a very vital role in hair growth. You need to use soft brushes so that your hair doesn’t fall much. After bath, you need to use wide-tooth comb instead of narrow ones. You need to comb your hair very gently so that it doesn’t breaks.

Apart from all the above points, you will have to live a happy life and avoid taking too much stress. Stress can be another major reason for hair fall.

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