Skin Care Regimen For Oily skin

  • Posted on March 30, 2013 at 10:54 am

In order to maintain its natural glow, an oily skin is in the need of moisturizer while keeping the sebum level under the control. You need to moisturizer your skin often so the impurities can be removed on a regular basis.

How to choose a Moisturizer for your Oily Skin

Moisturizer that is non greasy and formulated with the light formula is the one you should look for. Before buying any moisturizer for your skin jut check the label whether they have mentioned like “oil free”, “water based” or “gel based”. Make sure whether the moisturizer can be absorbed by your skin in fraction of second. Else it will pile in pores. You can make your face give a shinny appeal or a matte appeal.

It is better to avoid the product which contains deep hydrating ingredients such as lanolin, natural oils or vitamin E. These may suit to other skin types but definitely not to your skin. These ingredients will clog your small pores and increase the possibility to develop acne. You should always prefer the oily skin moisturizer which is made of alpha hydroxy acids. This AHA is a water soluble compound so it will not harm your skin in anyway. Just as lactic and glycolic acids found in other product AHA controls the oil and provides a complete oil free appeal to your skin. Non comedogenic glycerin based beauty products swill suit to your skin very well.

Here are some 5 recommendation of moisturizer for oily skin

Best moisturizer for oily skin

Before adding to your bill check out whether your moisturizer for oily skin have the skin friendly ingredients names such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender or sandalwood. These natural ingredients can give you the most adorable look without providing the greasy sheen.

If you want to stay away from the chemicals and want to prepare natural best moisturizer for oily skin here is the preparation method.

moisturiser for oily skin 1


Two tablespoon of rosemary oil , one tablespoon of sandalwood oil, 2 table spoon of vinegar, two glass of water.


Mix all these ingredients and store it in the refrigerator. You can use this moisturizer for oily skin all over your face and neck area after taking a deep cleansing your face.

moisturiser for oily skin 2


One cup of aloe Vera, two table spoon of honey, 2 table spoon of tea tree oil, small quantity of rose water


Mix the honey with the aloe Vera pulp well, grinds it using the blender. Add the tea tree oil and rose water. For better preservation you can keep our best moisturizer for oily skin in the refrigerator. Provide a deep cleansing to your face and neck. Rise off with the water and apply this moisturizer for oily skin.

How to treat your oily skin?

Cleanse your skin; apply the toner and moisturizer regularly. It is the slogan you need to keep it running in your mind every day. This skin care regimen is for all skin type. If you thrive for a healthy glowing skin adopt include this in your every day to do list. When it comes for face wash, try to pick oil free one. It will help you to diminish the effect of pores on your face.

Use gentle natural face scrub on your face to remove the dead cells & black heads. Make sure your toner contains the natural bacteria fighting agents like tea tree oil or neem.

Since you have an oily skin it will get age very slowly. Maintain your skin with proper care using the recommended oil free products.

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