The Best foundation for dry skin -What to look and not to look for

Not all the women are blessed with the flawless skin. Even it so as we age, things will get change completely. Our body will stop producing the essential stuff it needs to keep the skin glowing & hydrated. Some of the young women too experience the dry skin problem. Reason may be anything like cosmetic irritation, eczema, nutrient imbalance etc. When it comes for cosmetic products a same product and make up can’t be applied for all skin types. If you have a dry skin you need to choose the products which serves best for your dry skin. In this post I have explained how to choose the best foundation for dry skin.

When choosing the foundation for dry skin you need to look for the following ingredients in the product

Make sure the ingredient of your dry skin foundation has the properties to provide the natural moisture and it has the property too keep your sin hydrated.

Best foundation for dry skin: ingredients you need to prefer

Check out whether the foundation has the natural oils along with the moisturizers in their formula. Following natural oils are easily absorbed by the dry and it can provide loads and loads of benefits to your skin.

  • Almond Oil
  • Safflower Oil
  • Aloe Vera Juice
    • Rice Bran Oil
    • Coconut Oil
    • Jojoba Oil

Best Foundation for Dry Skin: ingredient you should skimp on

Make sure your best foundation for dry skin is not made up of mineral oil.yup. This mineral oil is actuality derived out of petroleum. This is the same gasoline you are using to fill your car. Most of the people believe that mineral oil makes wonders on your skin by providing the moisture your skin needs. But as opposed to it this oil clogs the small pores. It lays strongly on your skin thus preventing the skin from releasing the toxins. When this mineral oil gets absorbed by your skin, straightly it goes into your liver steals all the vitamins and minerals as much as it can. Do you think is it good now? Many beauty product companies still use this mineral oil in the baby oil and foundation so beware. Not only for dry skin, should this oil not be used by any kind of skin.

Best Foundation for Dry Skin: My Recommendations

Following is one of the best foundation creams which can be used in the dry skin make up. Without any doubt it will of course fit your bill and will let your skin breathe very easily.  Both of these foundations are light weight but provide the excellent results. One of the best parts of any best dry skin foundation cream is it should blend into your skin really well and the following product performs it well.

Real Purity Health Glow

Upon applying this cream on your skin, you will get an instant glow. This product comes in 8 completely different shades. All are made up of healthy 5 ingredients which include rice bran oil & little amount of glycerin which offers the extra moisture. It does not contain any nano particles; this is one of the main issues with many people when finding the best foundation for dry skin.

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