Weird homemade facial cleanser that suits all skin types

  • Posted on March 30, 2013 at 10:34 am

Who would prefer this way? Staining your face with an oil to cleanse it? Sounds crazy? Trust me it works. Let me tell you the benefits. No more pimples, pimple prone skin is a dream of all right? You don’t need to roam with the red pimples & black heads on your face any further. If you want to go all the 24 / 7 with the clean appealing face you have to try it out. Some of my friends and myself gave a real good month to test this natural face cleanser. It works really. You may have crop of blackheads which refuses to away from you no matter what you have tried. Our homemade facial cleanser will help you to throw away those horrible black heads. You may have tried so many natural facial cleansers but is completely weird one.

homemade facial cleanser

Here is the list what you will need to prepare our natural face cleanser

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 empty jar
  • Castor Oil
  • Lavender oil (optional) few drops just for scent

So let’s start with our homemade facial cleanser preparation

If your skin is normal then it is enough to have a 50-50 mix

  • For oily skin 70% of extra virgin oil and 30% castor oil provide a good blend
  • For dry skin 90% of extra Virgin oil & 10% of castor oil will do
  • For combination skin or normal skin 50 % of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & 50% of castor oil will make a perfect blend.

Once your mixture is ready just take 4 tbsp of mixture and store it in any shampoo jar. It will last for the whole month? Asking how? By using this oil you are going to wash your face that’s all that too at nights only with the small quantity. So this is how 4 tbsp of mixture will last for the whole month. Okay let me tell you how to wash your face now with our home made natural face cleanser.

How to wash your face using the homemade facial cleanser

  • Just pour the oil in your palm of hand leave few drops until it forms a little pool with the size of quarter.
  • Gently rub your both hands together that will warm up our facial cleanser oil.
  • You need to massage your face with the oil. Do it for one min. forgot to mention. If you have any makeup on your face you don’t need to remove that. Just apply the oil your face will dissolve it completely. You will feel like it is the best make up remover ever.
  • Get any warm cloth and wet it with the hot water, you can ring it out on your face, leave the cloth on your face about 30 seconds.
  • You can now wipe off our oil cleanser from your face using the cloth.
  • Watch out how amazingly your skin looks now.

Continuous usage of these natural facial cleansers like ours will remove the black heads from your skin and will provide an astonishing look. Even I can’t believe the working of natural oil face cleanser but trust me, give a try. Definitely you will recommend it to your friends and won’t forget to vote thank for this amazing homemade facial cleanser.

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