Women hair loss treatment options

  • Posted on March 30, 2013 at 11:04 am

Nowadays hair loss in women has becoming one of the common problems among all the women regardless of age and country. So if you feel you are the only one who is looking to find a best women hair loss treatment, understand it is not true. Doctors figure put so many causes for the women hair loss some of them are emotional or physical stress, chemical treatments, surgery and unbalanced diet. Good news is there are so many different hair loss treatment for women are available today. When you feel a hair loss as women the first and foremost thing you need to do is visit your nearest dermatologist. He/ she will help you to find out the root cause for your hair loss depending on the cause you can treat the condition easily.

Women hair loss treatment: Prescription Drugs

minoxidil or Rogaine is one of the most popular treatment option which was developed for men. This treatment option was first introduced to fix the male baldness pattern but today it works on some women hair loss treatment too. This women hair loss treatment helps in enlarging and lengthening the hair follicle thus it extends the hair growth phase.

Propecia is another one hair loss treatment for women. In this treatment women need to take the pill orally. It interfere the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This option is not a safe one. It shouldn’t be taken by the women who are trying to get a baby because it has the potential to destroy the fetus.

Another one treatment option which is developed for hair loss treatment women is Aldactone. It is essentially a testosterone inhibitor. It works well on the androgen based hair loss. A possible side effect includes the breast soreness. Anyhow it will work well on some women without any side effects.

Women Hair Loss Treatment Tips

When all the pharmaceutical does not work well on your hair loss next option you have is “hair transplant”. In this method a small bunch of hair is removed from any of your body part (having the excessive hair) and it is transplanted on the balding area. Although hair transplant is quite costly results are long lasting.

In the market you can see many products claiming that they will stop the hair loss and promote the hair growth. Rather than doing the good most of these products will worsen your condition. If any shampoo contain harsh detergents with them better avoid it. When you shop for the shampoo, try to find out a shampoo with the word “scalp health” in its label. These shampoos will help your scalp by increasing the blood flow which results in natural hair regrowth.

Diet plan modification to treat hair loss treatment women

When the cause of your hair loss is due to vitamin deficiency you need to take sufficient mineral and multi vitamin along with your diet.

If you lose hair due to anemia, consider adding the iron rich food items in your diet. You can consume broccoli, red meat, dates and Brazil nuts which all are rich in iron.

You will experience a hair loss due to vitamin B6 deficiency too. Taking the protein rich foods along with the amino acids will help reducing the hair loss.

One other reason for your hair loss is Low copper level. You should be very careful with your copper level. Too much of copper can cause some other dangers to your body. It’s better to get a prescription from your medical Practitioner.

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